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Friday 19 February 2010

Snow and more snow.

Good afternoon.
As you can see from the photo above Marmite knows exactly how to get comfortable in our back cabin. She will always find the warmest place like most cats. She did spend some of yesterday afternoon watching the snow fall. it kept her entertained for ages, as she tried to chase it down the perspex window.

The snow fell pretty much all afternoon and evening and we were left with 6 inches. I love the snow and everything about it, so was so pleased when it began to fall. I am a child when it comes to snow and would love to spend all my time outside playing in it.
This morning when I took Paddy out for his walk, it was not snowing, but the sky looked full of it and it was not long before the heavens opened once again. Hubby and I were up early after another restless night, as he had an appointment with the GP. We took a steady stroll down to the surgery and got in to see our GP on time, which was an added bonus. unfortunately he had no real good news for us on hubbys situation. We will have to wait like the rest of the queue, unless of course he gets called in on a cancellation, which we have to hope for. We did ask about changing hospitals, but like the GP said that would just mean starting the process all over again and that will take up more time. So hubby remains in pain and we remain stuck. It is beginning to look like we will not be cruising at all this year, which is a real shame. But at the end of the day hubby's health is far more important.

The snow has stopped for the moment and the sun is trying to pop out. I have been out and swept the snow awat from the hold, just in case people should need to come and collect coal. Last night a couple came to collect a bag of coal, on their way home from work and it took them over and hour to do less than a mile, conditions were so bad on the roads. There is a lot of slush on the roads and pavements at the moment, which could be really awful if it freezes tonight as they predict. I have just baked a chocolate cake in the back cabin stove and it smells yummy. I will post a pic of that tomorrow if I remember LOL.

Survey of the Day. 42% of Brits, say they would like to do what?
The answer was emigrate. That is such a sad reflection, on what people feel about this fabulous country. I can honestly say I would never emigrate, but I have never been abroad anyway, so I do not know if I am missing anything. I think personally every country has it's faults and problems, so really your leaving one problem for another. Every country has its ups and downs and just because we are economically going through a bad patch, does not mean we should abandone the boat just yet. (No pun intended). If I were to go abroad for a holiday I would love to go to Canada and New Zealand, but I really cannot see me ever leaving Britain for good. I love the life I have in this wonderful country and there is still so much of it that I have not seen yet.
Would you emigrate?

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