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Monday 8 February 2010

63%................... what????????????

Hi friends.

Someone opened the freezer door and has left it open it appears, because it is freezing outside. We have snow falling once more woooooo hoooo. But we are nice and cosy inside the boat. Do you know the first question people always ask us?
Aren't you cold in winter. The answer to that is NO. If anything we are to hot, so have the doors open and the other half, sits without his shirt on all evening (Cover your eyes ladies). Well insultated narrowboats are extrmely warm in winter and on ours we do have two coal fires, so we will never be cold. Not to mention a hold full of coal, or it will be when my coal delivery arrives tomorrow.

So I titles this post 63%, why your asking. Well it seems in a poll today 63% of people do what, whilst in town. The answer was drop litter. I found that quite appauling, but not surprising unfortunately. Isn't it sad that despite the fact there are always litter bins, people are to lazy to put their litter in them. When I was growing up, I was taught to either put my litter in a bin, or put it in my pocket and put it in the bin when I got home. If I had dropped litter, I would have got a clip around the ear. But of course that is deemed as child abuse these days. I can honestly say I never drop litter knowingly, because I personally hate to see our hedgerows and street covered in other peoples litter. It takes all of a few seconds to put litter into a bin or pocket and yet we all see people doing it everyday. A couple of years ago, I was walking behind a couple of teenagers and I actually asked the youngman to pick up his sandwich wrapper and put it in the bin. he walked on as if he had not heard me. So I walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder, and spoke to him face to face. After him trying to tell me it was not his. He did go back and pick it up and put it into the bin he had walked past. I must have been feeling brave that day, because when I see some people drop litter, I really feel quite scared of asking them to pick it up, because they usually look quite unsavoury. Some towns and cities have fines for dropping litter, but when do you ever see a warden???
The same goes for dog owners who allow their dogs to poop and the owner does not pick it up. But do you ever see a dog warden NO. Still that is another posting, because I usually end up on my soap box with that topic. I do realise I am sounding like a Grump Old Woman, but I love this country of ours and would like to see it kept tidy. Where we are at the moment, I see a woman go out every morning with a carrier bag and she always comes back with it full of other peoples litter. No one pays her to pick it up, she chooses to because she is fed up of seeing it lying all over the place near her home. So that is my rant for the day.

So far today I have relit the back cabin stove and stoked the saloon stove, so we are lovely and cosy. At the moment the washing machine is working overtime, because I am re-waterproofing our outdoor coats and trousers. Earlier on I went down the town to buy myself a new pair of brown trousers from Peacocks for £12.00. Every shop I have been in has black or grey trousers, but no Brown. I don't need Black or Grey, but I do need Brown, so Peacocks got my custom. Thank you Peacocks. We have just had lunch with comprised of warming Tomato Soup with Bread and Butter and for afters an Eccles Cake. I love Eccles cakes and the market does some lovely ones. I found out Saturday that the best time to visit the market is around 1.30pm to 2pm, because they are beginning to sell everything off cheap to get rid of it. So I managed to get two packs of meat for £5 and two packets of Eccles cakes for £3, both bargains. I think I may well fill my freezer, when it gets low from the market butcher.
Well it is still snowing and my first lot of washing is almost done, so I am off to set the drier in motion.
Have a fabulous day,

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