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Thursday 18 February 2010

Blood beginning to boil.

Good afternoon.

Before I blow a blood vessel, I am going to have a massive rant. Hubby is in a lot of pain as I think I have written before due to what has been described as a rare condition. We saw the consultant last week and were told they wanted him urgently for an exploritory operation, to see what could be done. Having not heard anything for a week. I rang the hospital to find out what the situation is, to be told that he is 13th on the list and he will not be seen until April/May. So that is their Urgent arghhhhhhhh. Apparently the consultant is away much of March and April. Why bother to tell us it is urgent if this is going to be the situation. I completely understand that there are people far worse off than my husband, but they are not watching him in tremendous pain. Not only that I am worried about the amount of Morphine he is on, as it is addictive. No sooner I got off the phone with the hospital, we made an appointment to see the GP in the morning, to see if there is anything else that can be done. I bet if we were to go private and money was to pass between us, they would have him in quick smart. I am so annoyed grrrrrrrrrrrr arghhhhhhhhhh.
At the moment it is snowing here, but does not look likely that it will settle. So I will have to keep watching the Winter Olympics to get my snow fix. I am loving every moment of the Olympics. Watched the women's downhill last night on BBC2 and was so impressed with Chemmy Alcott, who skied really well and came home 13th overall in the Downhill after others failed to stay upright. Will be watching her in the combined later. There is something so magical about the Winter Olympic Games.

Today's Survey of the Day. Men spend 83 minutes doing this while women take just 79 minutes?
The answer was getting ready to go out.
I thought that women always took longer than men. It must mean that men are taking better care of themselves. It may came as a surprise. But it seems that men are spending longer getting ready to go out than women. Shock horror. Apparently, men spend 83 minutes a day on personal grooming, including cleansing, toning and moisturising, shaving, styling hair and choosing clothes. I reckon it just the fact that us girlies have got it down to a fine art. When I say us girlies, I cannot really put myself in that same bracket, because I very rarely doll myself up to go out. If you were to see me right now you would go arghhhhhhh. My hair is scraped back into a pony tail and I am not wearing makeup. I never wear much makeup anyway and I do not moisturise. I usually wear mascara and eye shadow and thats it. My nails are ummmm in a dreadful shape, but that is due to the coal dust and soot from the chimney. The other half does not moisturise either, infact he does not do much at all, but always looks well groomed when we do go out. I reckon between us we do not spend more than 20 minutes getting ready, I am not indcluding a shower in this though.
Does your man spend longer than you getting ready???

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