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Sunday 7 February 2010

Soap or No Soap????

Hi Friends and followers.

It is a dull and damp Sunday morning and yet onboard it is cosy. It does not look like we are expecting any sunshine today. According to my horoscope on Facebook. My mood is supposed to be stressed, Lucky Colour is Navy Blue, Lucky Number 38 and lucky time of the day is supposed to be 10am. Well I guess one out of the four is not bad. My Lucky and favourite colour is Blue. I really do not do stress, there is no point, life is way to short already. Number 38 means nothing to me. The last time it has anything to do with my life was on my 38th birthday. and 10am has just been and gone and the only thing that happened was my hubby said I had spelt something wrong on my Facebook, so no joy there either. I am not an avid horoscope reader and therefore it will not affect my day hahaha.

Yesterday I got into a conversation with someone others on Facebook about watching soaps. You see the last time I watched a soap. Emmerdale was Emmerdale Farm. Coronation Street still had Annie running the Rovers and EastEnders was a happier place. So it has been many years since I sat and watched them. I was told by one lady that I was not living if I did not watch the soaps, duhhhhhhhh excuse me I think it maybe the other way around. I am actually living by not watching the soaps, which are full of death, and despair. They are supposed to reflect real life. I do not think so. One lady said it is escapism. If that is the case, I can do without them. These days they dominate the TV. Firstly they are on 3,4,5 times a week and then you get to watch them repeated. I have named Thursday soap night, because that is all that is on. Not everyone wants to watch soaps all day and evening. There was a time that they did reflect a touch of real life, but these days it is so depressing and lots of shouting going on. No wonder when you see people talking to each other in the street, they feel the need to shout at each other. It is because they see it on the soaps. Nothing about any of the soaps, makes me want to watch them. I would rather watch paint dry.

So it is Sunday and I am now off to collect sticks for the fire. I dare say I will get some odd looks from passing motorists, but hey it will brighten there day. Apart from that it will be a quiet day I think. Whatever your doing today have fun and stay safe out there.

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