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Monday 13 September 2010

Brasso and Vaseline.

Hi Friends.

This morning seemed so dark when I woke up at 6.30am. I think I would have slept on, but someone was running past the boat which what seemed like hobnailed boots on and a dog in tow. Having had my sleep disturbed there was nothing for it, but to get up and make a cup of tea. This was of course a wake up call for Marmite who decided that Paddy should wake up as well and play with her. There was the pair of them racing up and down the boat chasing each other. I am sure that daft cat thinks she is a dog. Keith was still beneath the duvet not feeling his best this morning. He had a sore throat and a cold some 6 weeks ago, and although the sore throat went as did the cold, he has been left with a dodgy throat, which is causing him pain when he swallows. Having enjoyed my cuppa, I got up and dressed and took the mutt out for his walk along the towpath. There is nothing very exciting to look at along the Market Harborough towpath, just houses, gardens and more houses and gardens. Although you may on the odd occasion see a squirrel, fox or rabbit pottering around the gardens. There was no such luck this morning. So no sooner Pad had done was was needed, he hot footed it back to the boat for his breakfast, which consists of two small dog buscuits. Marmite however gets her meat and biscuits for breakfast.

Keith once up rang the doctors to see if he could get an appointment, and was walking down the town for a 9.30am appointment with a practice nurse. I stayed on board because I had a coal delivery to make to one of the moored boats. Whilst I waited for the guy to come and select his coal, I got on with polishing the Brass. This time of the year is dreadful for keeping the Brass clean and shiny, because of the moisture in the air and more wet weather, so after polishing the Brass to within and inch of its life, I give it a coating of Vaseline to protect it, this will mean I do not have to clean it so often, because any water will just run off of, instead of staining it, making my life so much easier.

The gentleman wanting the coal, came calling with some money and I delivered his coal to his boat whilst he and his wife headed down into the town. Now that the weather is turning cooler, coal sales should pick up and we will be much busier. Keith was back from the doctor's and he had to go back at 11.30am to see a GP, because the nurse was concerned it had been going on for so long. So she wanted him to see a doctor, which he did and guess what?
He has to go back on Wednesday for a blood test and then see another doctor the following Friday. It never rains unless it pours does it?
It looks like we will be making a dash for The Village at War weekend at this rate.
With lunch sorted out, we then decided to move off to Foxton Village again, because tomorrow we are having a Tesco delivery to the boat. It is great because I can order large items and have them delivered instead of hauling them up the hill in Market Harborough in my rucksack. Tesco are very good at delivering groceries to boats, all's you need is a postcode. It has made our lives easier. So having moved in the rain, we are now at Foxton Village with a wonderful digital TV signal and a good mooring, so all is now good in my world lol.

A update on a couple of events we have been to in the past couple of days. The Quids for Kids event raised over £500 for two schools, which is fantastic and the Arts Fresco event had over 30,000 people attend, which is truly amazing.

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