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Sunday 5 September 2010

Home Sweet Home.

Hiya Fellow Bloggers.

I am seriously wondering where this year has gone. It does not seem that long ago we celebrated Christmas and here we are in September and the shops are already advertising Christmas, as are the restaurants, who are trying to tempt us to eat with them this festive season.

I was awake pretty early this morning, listening to the bird song and the tree's blowing in the breeze. But even though I did not get a lie in, I seem to be topped on my sleep, which makes a nice change. My personal Summer has kicked in again, so waking up with a hot glow was nothing to do with Keith lying beside me lol. I am going to be so pleased when the Menopause is over and done with, it is getting boring now.
Up and about, Paddy was first to be sorted out with his stroll up the towpath and then we got back to the boat where breakfast was ready for me, with a cuppa. We made the decision to go to Halfords to buy a large spanner.
"What do you want it for" I hear you ask. Our thermostat housing on the engine has been dripping for sometime. The nut needs tightening a little. We were going to nip into Tony Redshaw's at Braunston to get it tightened, but as we have not got that far, hubby has decided to buy his own spanner and we will tighten it ourselves. So if you in need of a large spanner, you know where to come ha ha ha.
We walked down to Halfords, which is a good mile walk from Union Wharf, but it is a pleasant walk and we got to see all the changes in the town. Halfords had the spanner Keith wanted and there was only one on the shelf phewww. So spanner paid for we then trekked to Welland Valley Feeds to buy a 15kg bag of dog food for his Lordship Paddy. Hecky thump it has gone up yet again. It is now over £45 a 15kg bag. Me thinks Pad is going on a diet ha ha ha. There was no way we were walking back to the boat with a huge bag of dog food, so we called a taxi. I know we are wimps, but with my shoulder and Keith's back, there was no way we were going to take any chances.
I got a phone call back from the taxi man asking "Where are you?".
My reply was "Welland Valley Feeds, Rockingham Industrial Estate".
His reply "Where is that?".
I had to explain where we were. Then the penny dropped and he said "Oh the pet food place".
I know I speak with a bit of a lisp, but I am not that bad hahaha.
So he was with us quick smart.
Just as well we did not walk back, because it was spitting and spotting with rain as we were driven back to Union Wharf.
Back on board and Keith thought he would tackle the thermostat housing. Just typical the spanner did not fit arghhhh. It needs a little grinding off of it, so we will wait to do that when we are out in the countryside. There was no point taking it back, because they did not have anything larger and the spanner just needs a slight trim.
Kettle was on and we heard a Klaxon tooting. Keith poked his head out of the engine room door, and saw Jo and John slowly cruising past on nb Acen, they were going to moor up and then we could catch up with them a little later on. It is so nice to see them both again. Jo and John usually have a Winter mooring in the basin, so we will see a lot of them again this Winter.
The joy of being back on our Winter Coal Run is that we get to listen to the local radio station Hfm. Keith and I have got to know everyone concerned with the station very well and they always make us feel so welcome in the area. Chris Jones, who does his Sunday bit in the middle played Welcome Home by Peter's and Lee for us, which was so nice of him. We now feel loved hahaha.
Lunch today was for Keith was Bacon and Egg sandwiches, I had Sausage Sandwiches as we had run out of Bacon and Egg's. I feel a food shop happening tomorrow.
I am now trying to decide whether to go and clean the brass in the back cabin. The bedknobs and stove rails are looking a little tired, but then again it is a Sunday and supposedly a day of rest. I could just watch a film instead and do the brass tomorrow. After all it is going no where.
May I wish you all a happy Sunday, I am off now to the real world.

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