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Sunday 12 September 2010

The Morning after the night before.

Hiya Friends.
Firstly may I say a huge thank you to everyone for the Anniversary messages not just here, but also on Facebook. After a wonderful day yesterday, we finished it off with a fantastic meal at The Shoulder of Mutton in Foxton Village. The Shoulder of Mutton is a traditional country inn with a twist. Not only is it a country pub, it also serves delicious Chinese food, that really is sublime. We had an excellent meal there. It is advisable to book a table, because it was packed last night. When we arrived all the tables were reserved. I was so pleased I had book in the week. We plummed for a set Banquet meal and loved ever morsel. Keith and I have eaten quite a few Chinese meals and this was up with the best. So if your in Foxton Village, go and sample their food, you will not be disappointed.
Back on the boat, we settled down with a cup of tea and watched X-Factor, which is great viewing every Autumn. There was some clear talent again last night, but oh boy there were also some disasters. What was it with Bun 'nd Cheese?
The three girls had a silly name for their band, which would never have taken off. I think they spent to long on thinking up a name for the band and less time on learning the lyrics to their song.
Why would you queue all day so unprepared?
On the other hand Paije Richardson could turn out to be very good, having sung a Frank Sinatra song, only Louie liked him and almost begged the other judges to put him through. Thankfully paije was given a second chance to impress the judges. This time Paije sang a James brown song and was very good. He is not a big band singer, but could certainly be a good soul singer and I think that is why Louie fought his corner. Now he just has to get through boot camp.
After the X-Factor, we saw the first part of a new Adventure of a lifetime programme with 10 celebrities (I hate that word). 71 degrees North is set amongst the icy glaciers and snowy landscape of Norway. Inside the Arctic Circle, this eight-part adventure series stars 10 celebrities, fighting their way to the most northern part of mainland Europe. Each week they must complete tasks to stay on the challenge. They are split into two teams and they really have to work together to survive the challenges, because at the end of the day in this icy wilderness, dreaful things could happen to them if they do not look out for each other. Last night they had to dog sled and swim in an icy lake and the first to go home was Lauren Socha, who to be honest was a pain in the butt and got up most people's noses. Gavin Henson, was immune from being sent home after winning the swimming challenge. He maybe one to watch for the title.
So here we are on a Sunday morning and I have no idea what we have planned for the day. We may move today away from the village, but we shall see.

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