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Wednesday 22 September 2010

Kingfisher and Dragonflies.

Hi Folks.

We have had a really lovely mornings cruise from Foxton top lock, up the Welford arm, winded, and returned to the moorings by Welford Junction to be in the sunshine.
Our morning began at a sedate pace this morning, after a great nights sleep. I think I slept better last night than I have for a few weeks. Once up and about, I put the kettle on, laid up the breakfast and then took Paddy for his walk in beautiful sunshine. It was so warm that the Dragonflies were darting and hovering over the canal as we walked along the towpath. I do not suppose they will be around for much longer as the frost creeps in.

We had a later start than normal, with the ropes being unlashed at 9.20am. Off into the wide blue yonder we headed and a lovely time was had. A Kingfisher flew in front of us, gliding over the water, its plummage glistening in the sunshine.

There is already evidence that Autumn is knocking on the door. Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn and some of the leaves on the Horse Chestnut trees are already changing colour, from Greens into Autumnal tones. There were a few boats on the move, many of them hire boats from Market Harborough heading back from their holiday's. We did also meet a couple of private boats on the move as well, they are probably on their hols as well and will be heading for their marina moorings for the Winter. We adore the Winter months cruising on the cut, because it is so quiet. Some days we have it all to ourselves.

I got to wear my new ear defenders for the first time as we cruised through Husbands Bosworth Tunnel. They are absolutely excellent, I could hardly hear a thing. I have tried wearing the ear plugs you put in your ears, but I find them painful and they never fit properly, so I invested in a proper pair of ear defenders. All's I need now is a yellow hat and a high vis jacket LOL. We have to wear some ear defence when we go through the tunnels because our boats engine is a little noisy.
We arrived at Welford Junction and headed down the Welford Arm. There were no moorings near the Wharf Inn, so we winded and stopped on the water point, so that I could go and check if the pub needed any coal yet. They have placed an order for October, so we will be back on our return trip from Stoke Bruerne. As the 14 day moorings are under trees and therefore a little dark, we decided to come out of the Welford Arm and moor up on the junction moorings, where it is lovely and sunny. It has been such a pleasant days cruising. I got chatting to some ladies who were on one of the Market Harborough hire boats. I enquired if they were having a lovely time and was told that they were, but they were also finding it a little scary. My reply to this was "Everyone should scare themselves at least once a day, it is what keeps us alive" This got a laugh, but I think it made them feel a little more at ease. My suggestion was they just relaxed and enjoyed the rest of their time out.

The afternoon was really lovely. We got out our chairs and sat out and enjoyed what was left of the afternoon warmth. We also sold some coal to a lovely couple who have a mooring on the Leicester Arm, we hope to see them again throughout the Winter. This is one of the wonderful things about living on the canal, you get to meet some fantastic people. yet as we discussed, if we living in a house we would probably never speak to them in the street, which I do find rather sad. I should however say, before you all go out and buy a boat. It is not the life for everyone, because it is hard work. People get blinded by the scenery and the TV programs glamourising the canals and boats. You do have to be prepared to work very hard some days, especially in the Winter. I will write a piece on the downsides of being a boater at some point. So the afternoon has now given way to the evening and it is 7.20pm and already getting dark arghhhhh. We do have a good TV signal, so we will be sat inside, nice and cosy watching what ever is on. I look forward to a brand new day and brand new challenges.

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