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Saturday 18 September 2010

Happy Birthday.

Morning All.

Brrrrrrr we had a cold night last night. I kept the back cabin stove in last night, so we would wake up all cosy this morning.
I thought it was November 5th last night. At 8.30pm, I made the back cabin stove up, which is an operation in itself, because it is not like a normal stove which you can shut right down and it will stay in forever. The back cabin stove has no proper sealed doors, so it is constantly burning, so I have a wonderful trick to keep it in over night. Firstly I let the fire burn right down and then I stack it up with coal, I then add a layer of twigs and on top of that I put a thick layer of cold ash on top. If the ash is damp it is even better. I then shut everything down as much as I can and fingers crossed the stove stays in.
Oh yes I was saying I thought it was November 5th. No sooner I opened the back cabin doors to fetch in the ash bucket a Firework went off and several more followed. Me being a big kid, I just had to go and see where they were coming from. They were coming from an offside garden just in front of the boat. I guess it will not be long before we see lots of them going off again as that time of the year draws ever closer. I noticed yesterday that some of the shops have got Halloween stuff on their shelves. With living on the boat we do not get trick or treaters calling. Even when we lived in a house, Keith used to close the curtains and take the batteries out of the door bell, so it looked like no one was at home. I am not against Trick or Treat if it is done properly, but these days it can end up being quite nasty. Where we lived in Felixstowe the shops would not sell Eggs or Flour to youngsters on the run up to Trick or treat, because more often than not they would be used to pelt houses and cars. It was actually lovely to stand on the back counter and watch the Fireworks going off, it bought out the child in me once more. Again when we lived in Felixstowe it seemed as if Fireworks went off all year round.

Today it is Keith's Birthday and I was fortunate to get him a mention on the local radio. The DJ played Keith 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen one of Keith's favourite songs. I am not sure what we will do with the rest of our day, we will see what the day brings.

Have a lovely Saturday.

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