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Thursday 30 September 2010

It is not as quiet as you think.

Hi Folks.

I have no idea what was going on last night, but it sounded like we were either getting a fly past or war had begun without any notice, because at about 8.30pm Air Force jets flew over us several times. Even Keith remarked "Has war begun".

Having had an indifferent nights sleep, we were awake early to the sound of dogs barking like loonies. No idea what these dogs bark at, but they do like the sound of their own voices. I got up and made us a cup of tea and as we sat in bed drink our tea and chatting about what we would be doing for the day, the Sheep in the field over the road began to kick up a rumpus. There was a clanging of gates and the noise of a vehicle, so we could only assume that the farmer had either come to check his flock, or was taking the Sheep elsewhere. It all happens in the countryside. I was born and bought up into farming and belive me the countryside is a noisy old place. I have known many townies who move to the country for a quiet life and then complain about all the noise from the animals, such as Cows, Sheep and such like. I knew one person who actually complained because the cows were calling in the morning and he asked the farmer if he could shut them up. Another family moved into a country house near me, which is also near an Army and Air Force base. On a regular basis they go out on maneuvers, which I grew up with. One this one particular night the Chinook Helicopters were flying over on maneuvers and the gentleman of the family rang the Air Base and asked if they could stop flying over his house because the helicopters were keeping his children awake. The countryside is not as quiet as people think.

Breakfast over and dog walked, we set off for Market Harborough on a short jaunt, which took us just under 2 hours. There are some stunning views on this stretch of the canal and at this time of the year when the leaves are falling, you get to see so much more. When we arrived in Market Harborough basin, we winded and pulled up on the sanitary station to empty the cassette and get rid of rubbish. We then moved out on to the 48 hour moorings, which were very quiet for a change. Having moored up, we took the wheels off of the sack barrow and Keith went off to find somewhere to get them fixed. I headed off down the town to buy fruit and veg and to get a couple of items which did not arrive with our Tesco delivery. The walk down into the town is easy peasy because it is down hill, but it is always a bit of a slog back up to the basin and today I would make that trip twice as I went back down the town to buy some bits for the business. Keith came back from his shopping trip with bits and pieces for the boat, having been into Homebase. He left our wheels at ATS as they need to order new tyres, so we have to wait for a phone call from them. Apparently the tyres were only 4 ply, so he is going to get us some extra strong ones, which should mean they will be up to the task of helping me deliver coal. It is nice to be back in Market Harborough, it always means we get to catch up with friends David and Viv on NB First Fruits and I dare say we will catch up with others over the next couple of day. I now have to think about tonights dinner and what we are going to have, so I will draw this posting to a close and wish you a good evening.

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