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Thursday 23 September 2010

Welford Junction to Mountain Barn Bridge.

Hi Folks.

It was a little damp around the edges this morning. The September Equinox is officially here and it is all down hill to Christmas. Yep I mentioned the C word. Come out from behind those hands, you have to face it Christmas is coming fast, the shops say so. Ok enough of the C word.

We had a lie in this morning, which was very nice, having woken on and off listening to the rain. The rain is so welcome, because the canal up here is in need of some extra water. By the time we got up and dressed it was dry and Paddy did not get a wet coat during his stroll along the towpath. Whilst out walking I took the opportunity to put out some notices about the coal run. Back onboard, we got all the morning chores done before setting off at 10.10am. We were not planning on going far. But no sooner we set off we met up with Mark on Historic Working Boat 'Callisto', and as seems the norm we met them on a bend. It is either on a bend or in a bridge 'ole. It was nice to finally meet Mark, as we had heard that he was coming our way. We got to have a quick chat in passing, with a hope that we would be able to have a proper natter, when he comes back our way. We were so busy nattering, that the boat took herself off into the bank and Hawthorn bush, which wanted to devour our Kebb. So I legged it down the gunwale to retrieve the Kebb, before the bush ate it and we would never see it again. The rain held off for the rest of our jaunt through some really picturesque countryside and we arrived at Mountain Barn Bridge, where we are now moored for the day. All moored up and I did us Ravioli on toast for lunch, we then settled down to watch 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid' One of my all time favourite films. I never get fed up of seeing it.
As we are moored at Mountain Barn Bridge (27). I thought it only right and proper to go and have a look at this Barn on a mountain.
It is actually a barn on a hill. Maybe it was Hobbits that named it and to them this hill would look like a mountain, as it certainly gets your heart pumping on the way up. Once up there you get a stunning view of the valley.The barn is derelict, which is a real shame, but not only was there this small barn, hiding behind it was another one.This large one still has some of its roof, but is going the same way as the smaller barn, which is a real pity. I can imagine that in years gone by, they were used to house cattle and feed. These days they are probably home to the wildlife. I have looked online, but cannot find anything reported about the barns. So if anyone knows anything about them, please let me know.Alongside the path up to the barns is a wooded area, which is looked after by the Woodland Trust. It has some very old looking trees in it and a lot of wildlife. Fieldside Covert is made up of 15 acres of woodland, which slopes down to the canal. You can walk through the thicket and listen to the birds in the mature trees, which consist of Oaks, Ash, Sycamores, Sweet Chestnuts and other little gems. We saw plenty of evidence of Rabbits and what looked like a dis-used Badger set. Because the ground is so moist under the canopy of trees, Ferns are growing in abundance. We had a lovely stroll around the thicket, before heading back to the boat. The sun keeps poking its head out, keeping it very warm inside and out. It is so warm that Keith sat watching the TV without a shirt on, and we do not have a fire going. Dinner tonight is going to be Liver and Onions with potatoes and veg again. The 71 pence Liver has done us two meals, which is very good going. Marmite and Paddy our laying out on the back counter enjoying the sunshine, so all is good in our world today.

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