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Thursday 30 September 2010

Etiquette Lessons for Towpath Users.

British Waterways has decided it is time towpath users are educated so they have teamed up with etiquette experts Debrett's in a bid to educate towpath users about how to share the capital’s canals politely.
My question is why only London, what about the rest of the system and do they actually think this will make any difference at all?
I fear it is yet another waste of money.
It also appears that they have forgotten the boater yet again. It is no fun trying to moor up and work locks while dodging cyclists racing a long the towpath. I have repeatedly had to stop what I am doing to allow cyclists past because they are going to fast to stop.
Most cyclists are actually very considerate of other users on towpaths but there are a few who really just do not get it and they never will. It costs nothing to be polite, and I always try to think of others. I was taught that as a child. I wonder what some are being taught by their parents.
I really cannot see this making anysort of difference. It may just make some people more angry, because they are being told what to do.
I wonder if this will also include fishermen who insist on having their long poles across the towpaths, making them a hazard. They really are opening a can of worms with this idea.

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