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Monday 27 September 2010

That Monday Feeling.

Hi Friends.

Another weekend has passed us by on our way towards the end of another year and this morning it is very soggy after what looks like some heavy rain overnight. At present it is still drizzling.

So Sunday ended up a quiet affair and us watching the TV. Dinner last night was homemade Moussaka, which although I say it myself was not bad.

When it came to watching the TV delights, I was torn as to what to watch. Of course I watched The X-Factor and was extremely pleased not to see Chloe go through to the judges houses. After seeing the revelations on the front of the Mirror yesterday, there would have been no way that she would have continued in the competition and rightly so. I feel extremely sorry for her daughter, who is growing up in amongst this sordid life she has made for herself. Having seen who has gone through to the judges houses, I feel it is going to be a very strong competition this year, which the girls looking like they are the strongest group and with Cheryl mentoring them, she looks fair to win for a third year. My dilema came at 9pm. Should we watch Downton Abbey on ITV1 or the flim 300 on Channel 5. We went for the film on 5 and I was not impressed with it. I was so un-impressed that I went to bed at 10.30pm, leaving Keith to watch it on his own. He was not over impressed with it either, so now I wish we had watched Downton Abbey. I will have to watch it on i-player to see how good it was. The previews certainly made it look great.

A good nights sleep had, we were awake at 6.30am and by 7am I had made us both a cuppa. Marmite thought it must be playtime, because she was running up and down the boat like a complete mad cat. She then thought we should get up, she jumped on the bed and made it known that it was now time to get out of bed. Marmite certainly knows how to get your attention.

Paddy's walk was in the drizzle. This time we walked up to the Post Office, so that I could post a friends Birthday Card. On returning to the boat, Keith had put the generator on, to charge the batteries. The system is still playing up, but help was on hand in the form of Simon who rang at almost midday to say he was in the marina. So we fired the boat up in heavy drizzle and took her into the marina so Simon could take a look at our inverter. We plugged into a shoreline and he connected his computer to the inverter and ran some diagnostics. It is all way to technical for me. It showed that some temperature sensor thingy ma jig was not working properly, so it was causing the volts to fluctuate. No sooner he disconnected it, the voltage stabalised. But there were still dips happening when the system was loaded, so I put on the washing machine, toaster and immersion on, hoping it would do the trick of turning the inverter off, but yep you guessed it, it did nothing. Simon thinks though it maybe a generator problem, and has given us a few things to try, which of course we will. By this time a couple of hours had passed and Simon was packed up and on the move having of course been paid for his time. We are now back out on the towpath, with a view to moving tomorrow. Keith is now feeling much happier now that he knows what is happening. It is always worrying when you do not know what is causing a problem.

I am now looking forward to getting to Stoke Bruerne for The Village at War Weekend. My only hope is that this weather improves.

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