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Thursday 16 September 2010

Winter Woolies.

Hello Friends.

The day has come when it is time to say cheerio to the shorts and skimpy t-shirts and say hello to the fleeces and Winter trousers.
Last night we both slept really well, I am sure it had something to do with the fact that the back cabin was still warm when we went to bed, as the stove had only been out for a short while. It was wonderful to snuggle down under a warm duvet and then not wake up until 7.45am. The back cabin was not to cold when we woke up, but a nice hot cuppa certainly helped to start the day off.
In my head I had a list of jobs to do, which all started with walking Paddy. It was actually more like a sprint, because he was off across the field like a scared rabbit. Somedays I really wonder about him, because more often than not he cannot really be bothered to go out and yet this past few days he has had a new spring in his step. Anyway he had a lovely run, whilst I strolled behind. That was job one acheived, the second job was to relight the back cabin stove, after that I started up the generator and put the washing machine on. It was then time for a coffee before thinking about the next task. With the weather becoming much cooler, I decided that it was time to put away the Summer clothing and bring out the Winter woolies. Firstly I had to empty our two cupboards and draws. We do not have any hanging space in the back cabin. We have a cupbard each and two drawers each, so there is no room for lots of clothes, shoes or handbags. Just as well I am not into handbags and shoes. I keep my clothing simple as does Keith. With the Summer stuff all sorted out, we then opened up the hold sheeting, so I could climb in and start sorting the boxes out. I started off by putting away all our Spring and Summer sales items, as we would not be putting our stall out anymore this year, now that we are on the coal run. Next the Winter clothing came out of the box and the Summer Clothing went into hibernation, which is such a shame, because we have had the most fantastic Summer this year. I then took the chance to tidy the hold a little, as it was getting in a right pickle at the bow. As we are full up with coal, there is very little room to move and our other items on the boat tend to get dumped in at the front of the hold, when really we should put things away properly. I felt really chuffed once it was all done. I love it when I get things done. Keith was wonderful going to and fro from the boat collecting things for me to put away. We work so well as a team. having put lots of stuff away, there is now loads of room inside the boat. We can now move in the saloon and see the saloon stove, which is ready for lighting should we require some extra heat. Jobs all done, it was time for some lunch and a well earned coffee. I will now have to start a new list of jobs to be done.
My signal here is so hit and miss that I am going now before it dies once again. Have a wonderful day.

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