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Tuesday 14 September 2010

Tesco delivery

Hiya Friends.

I was woken this morning by barking dogs. There is a house opposite our ovdernight mooring and the dogs enjoy continually barking when they are outside, it must drive the neighbours mad. The morning began very damp and overcast. Infact as I took Paddy out for his walk it was drizzling. The highlight of our morning was going to be the Tesco food delivery. I know I have an exciting life ha ha ha. My concern was that despite placing the order last week, we had not received a confirmation e-mail and by 9.30am this morning I had not been texted telling me the delivery time, so there was I beginning to think that maybe we were not getting our delivery at all. I had checked on their webiste and it had said that the delivery was being packed, but to be sure I thought I should ring Tesco to make sure we had not been forgotten. I spoke to a lovely lady who could not find our postcode on the system, so alarm bells were beginning to ring. I gave her the order number and that showed up that we were getting a delivery. She then put me on hold, whilst she went and checked something else. I guess she was contacting the driver of the van. I was entertained by some music whilst I waited for her to return, with thankfully good news. Our food order was on the road and would be with us at 11.30am approximately phew, I could breath again. I had visions of it going off somewhere else, or not being on the van at all. I thank the lady for all her help and a smile returned to my face. We never normally have problems with Tesco deliveries, but because it is at a new address, I was unsure whether this would cause an issue. I need not have worried because having stood on the corner of North Lane for 45 minutes, a Tesco van with lights flashing came down the hill. It was Donny who we had met before when we were stuck in Market Harborough Basin last Winter. Thankfully Donny knew exactly where he was going as he had delivered to friends here previously. Thank you Donny, you are a saint.
Whilst I put the shopping away, the contractors for British Waterway's came along the towpath, strimming and mowing the grass. We always love it when they keep the grass short, but it does annoy me when they strim alongside the boat and cover the side of the boat with grass. The mower then kicks up stones, which does not do much for the paintwork. But like everyone they have a job to do, so after they had gone, I went out and washed the side of the boat down with the mop. In some areas I know that the guys will not cut the grass when boats are moored, clearly that does not apply here.
With the shopping all safely stashed away, we left the mooring and winded the boat below Foxton Locks. We gave all those eating their lunch in the Foxton Locks Inn something to watch as they tucked into their meals. I guess for many of them, they would never have seen a boat winding before. Some waved at us as we spun around and moored up on the water point to supply a customer with Toilet Blue. I noticed that Margaret and Dave on NB Adrastea were moored up on the stretch towards Debdale, so I hot footed it down the towpath to go and say hello to them both but only Dave was at home. It was nice to catch up with him and we hope to see them at The Village at War weekend. Time was pressing and we wanted to be back near Market Harborough, so I said my goodbye's and we were on our way once more. It was just typical as we headed off the drizzle began to fall and the wind was getting stronger. By the time we reached bridge 14 and moored up opposite the Union Canal Society moorings, it was blowing a hooley and the rain was beginning to lash down. With a fair amount of haste, we moored up and dived inside for cover. As the afternoon passed into the evening the rain stopped but the wind was still blowing, which did nothing for a decent TV signal once I managed to get the ariel up and in the right position, so we had to watch bits of programs, because either picture or sound would faulter.
We are staying here for a few days, as Keith has to have blood tests done and we need to wait for the results.

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