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Sunday 19 September 2010

Out on a Limb.

Good Afternoon Friends.

Now you know that I have mentioned a few times that we have problems mooring up due to the depth of water, well as you can see from this photograph taken a few moments ago, I am not telling porkies. This is a designated 48 hour mooring outside of Market Harborough basin and it needs dredging. British Waterway's really need to get on the case of designated moorings and do some dredging. It really annoys me that they do not look after popular mooring places. The moorings here are always busy.

After breakfast and a coffee, we moved the boat into Union Wharf. We winded, used the service block, and moored back out on the first towpath mooring. Of course when I say moored up, we are at least 2' from the bank, the water level has now dropped by at least 6", we just hope it doesn't drop any more!
Even Paddy is wondering if he can jump the gap, when it comes to his evening walk.
Moored up and water tank filled, I donned my rucksack and strolled down to Tesco to do a spot of food shopping. I wanted to replace the things we had eaten over the past few days. In all it took me Three quarters of an hour to walk down the town, shop and walk back. Whilst we are here we have caught up with friends David and Viv who are now back on their mooring on board nb First Fruits. It has been a busy old year for them with funeral's, the wedding of their daughter Charlie who is Lorraine in 'The Jersey Boy's. There has not been a dull moment in their lives this year. We know that feeling only two well. I have had a few customers today for Coal, Kindling and Firelighters, I even sold a couple of pump out cards as well, the weather is certainly on the change according to my customers.

I have found time to sweep the saloon and wash the floor. Oh it is an exciting life I lead, but hey someone has to do it. The back cabin stove has been stoked up ready to cook tonight's dinner on and in it. I think we are having Chicken Kiev, with Potatoes and Veg and for pudding a Raspberry Cheesecake, which was going begging in Tesco and it had my name written all over it mmmmm yummy. It will then be time to sit in front of the Tv and watch tonights offerings. Last night I really enjoyed Phil Collins, For One Night Only which was on ITV. I could not help but sing a long to most of the songs. I should have supplied the other half with ear plugs as I am not that good a singer ha ha ha. I will never make it on to X-Factor or maybe I could, after seeing some of the talentless people who go on to that show. It is the last of the Auditions tonight, we then have the boot camp stages to go through. I know there are many who slag off this show, but it amazes me the amount of really talents youngsters there are out there, and why should they not be given a chance to shine. Ok it is true to say some will only have their 5 minutes of fame, but for a few they will go on to bigger and better things. Good Luck to them all I say. Ok I am going now. Have a lovely Sunday folks.

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