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Sunday 26 September 2010

Sunday is here.

Hi Friends.

Here we are another Sunday morning and for me it began with a lie in and a cooked breakfast. Keith does a fantastic grilled and poached breakfast. Grilled Bacon and Mushrooms, with Poached Eggs on Toast. There is no better way to start a Sunday.

Before I go on with this morning's rambling, I would like to say something about last night's TV. I will begin with the X-Factor. I dare say some of you do not watch it or cannot get it in your part of the world. I am a fan and I have no idea why. I guess I like to watch new discovered talent. Last night it was the first of two programs at Boot Camp, the second part is tonight. Last night they had to sing and do a bit of dancing. Many of the contestants were taking it very seriously, because they know that if they make it through to the live shows it could change their lives for ever, however there was one person, who felt she did not need to arrive on time or put the work in and yet so far she has made it through, her name is Chloe Victoria. Now whilst she will have her fans, It makes me so cross that despite knowing she had to be at Boot Camp early, she arrived late as she had been out on the razz the night before. Does this sound like someone who is committed to her singing career?
Chloe Victoria is not doing herself or her family and friends any favours with her behaviour or attitude. She is a mother to a young daughter, this is no example to set to her daughter. She is behaving as if, life owes her something. Also who on earth taught her to wear false eye lashes like that?
They look hideous all clumped together with mountains of mascara. I said to Keith, if they stripped the make-up off and dressed her less like a tramp, she would be a beautiful young woman. If she makes it through Boot Camp, I hope someone takes her in hand, because this show could either make or break her, but she needs to really want it, like the other contestants, who are working their socks off. Well done to Mary Byrne for getting through to Boot Camp, she is an inspiration to us more mature women, I hope she gets through to the live shows. One of my favourites at the moment is Cher, she has a wonderful voice and yet she really does not know how talented she is. I can see her going all the way. Since starting this post I have been up to the shop to get some Mushrooms with Keith and he spotted The Mirror newspaper. If the reports about Chloe Victoria are correct in the paper, then she should be thrown off of the show with immediate affect. I knew I was a good judge of character, which in a way is very sad.
After watching the X-Factor we watched 'Simply Red' For the last time. Mick Hucknall has decided it is now time to wind up 'Simply Red' after a career which has lasted 25 years. Like most people sitting watching it at home and in the studio audience, I could not help but join in with all the songs he sang. Mick Hucknall wants to spend more time with his family and from listening to his life, it seems he has finally found what he has been looking for. I wish him the very best for the future. Ok TV ramblings over for another day.

Back to Sunday and breakfast was yummy as always when Keith cooks it. I cook all the other meals, so this is left as his domain. I walked his lordship and made up the back stove, which is smoking away nicely. The generator was put on and we have issues with the Invertor/Charger at the moment. It all began a few weeks ago when a battery was gasing, which it should not do as it is a Gel Battery. we have a man coming hopefully tomorrow to check the Invertor/ Charger over for us, as it is not working properly for some reason, which is worrying me a bit.
Living on a boat is never completely worry free at the moment it seems. If it is not health issues, it is boat issues. I am looking forward to the day when we have no issues at all. Not that this will ever happen, because there is always something going on. We have a Generator built in, this is because with a loud vintage engine, we do not want to just run it to charge the batteries when moored up. So we opted to have a Generator fitted when the boat was built. It is great because I use it for the washing machine, it charges our batteries and we can also use it when doing work on the outside of the boat. Normally to charge the batteries it takes about an hour with the Generator running, maybe a bit longer if I am doing a large wash. We also have the Immersion Heater on for hot water as well. Because our Generator is built into the engine room, when it is running it sounds like a quiet boat engine, so it does not annoy the neighbours. One always has to be respectful of others when living on a boat.
I have some paintwork to sort out today if the weather stays fine and then I am going to put my feet up and watch the F1 Grand Prix from Singapore. We are open for business should anyone need some coal etc, so it could actually end up being a busy old day.
Whatever your doing today, have a lovely Sunday ;0)

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