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Wednesday 29 September 2010

Stoke Bruerne for the weekend.

Hi Friends.

We sure had plenty of rain overnight and it did not bode to well for the morning's cruise of 5.3 miles to Stoke Bruerne. But when we got up although it was very overcast, it was not rain yippee. This was not just good for us to move, but also for Paddy who absolutely hates getting wet. He jumped off the boat to a wet towpath, but he still enjoyed running up and down the towpath like a demented hound. By the time I got back to the boat, Keith had already started to fire the engine into life. I fed Mog and Dog their breakfast and then donned my Donkey Jacket. TV ariel down and mooring pins safely stowed away, we were off on what was a gloomy looking morning.
On this stretch of the canal there seems to be no end of moored boats and this does not include the ones on the BW permanant mooring sites, so we spent a lot of time in tick over. We passed by Blisworth Marina and looked out for Pip and Roger on nb Windsong, although the boat was in the marina, there was no sign of them, but who could blame them for staying inside on a dull morning. Maybe we will see them on the return trip.
There was I thinking how wonderful it was to have a dry cruise and then we entered Blisworth Tunnel, which was pouring with water. It was busy with a couple of boats behind us and boats coming towards us. At one point I thought a car was coming towards us head on, because all's I could see was two huge headlights on full blast. If I had not of known better I would have thought it was a car. It was of course a narrowboat with two headlamps, which was total overkill. They could have done with one of those lamps at the stern because they did not have any lights at the stern, meaning anyone following them would not see them until the last moment. They were not the only ones with no stern lighting. Of the Five boats we past in the tunnel the only one to have any stern lighting was a hire boat. Boaters really should think, if you have no stern lighting, then at least put on some cabin lights so you can be seen by other boats following. We always put our stern navigation light, back cabin lights and engine room lights, as well as the headlamp of course. You need to be seen in a tunnel. We exited the tunnel and it was still dry. Keith winded the boat at the winding hole and we then reversed into a mooring. This is so we are facing in the right direction for the return journey after the weekend.
We are now safely moored at Stoke Bruerne ready for the "Village at War" this coming weekend. We have been looking forward to this for some time, and it always nice to know we have arrived in plenty of time and not been held up on the way, phew, what a relief. having locked up the boat, we walked down to the museum to see if anyone was about. So far the Fudge boat has arrived, along with Historic Working Boats Stanton and Cyprus, so not many here yet. NB No Direction is down on the long pound ready for the weekend. I know this because it is written in their blog and I know the Cheese Boat is on its way. Now we just need some decent weather for the weekend. I am so looking forward to this weekend. There is some great entertainment on offer throughout the weekend, so if your at a loose end why not come and have a look.
It is now raining with a passion, which is really not what we need to see with the weekend coming, but on the other hand we do need the water to keep the boats afloat. I hope that it brightens up for the weekend, otherwise it could be a washout, which would be a real shame, especially as this is the 70th Anniversary of the 'Battle of Britain' and we should remember those who gave their lives, so that we may be free.

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