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Tuesday 7 September 2010

Christmas Dinner.

Hi friends.

Wow what a night...... No your on the wrong track, now get your mind out of the gutter.
I am talking about the heavy rain and strong winds we had. It certainly rocked our boat ha ha ha.
But when we woke up this morning it was wall to wall sunshine and the wind had dropped. The rain last night certainly freshened the air.
Paddy and I took a stroll across the field. Well I strolled and Paddy took off like a rocket. He does love to have a run, but that usually finishes him for the rest of the day. We both came back muddy as the clay soil stuck to my walking boots and to his paws. But it was lovely across the field, with a lovely view in the sunshine. I could hear a Skylark singing away and Bluetits were joining in on the morning song. Oh the joy's of living this wonderful life.

Breakfast done and dusted, we had to walk down to town, as Keith had to visit the dentist. One of his fillings fell out a few weeks ago, and although it was not causing him pain, he had a rough edge which was cutting into his tongue, so we wandered off down the town, and got his tooth repaired for £45 (cough and splutter). We then went into the indoor market to catch up with one of the stall holders, which I buy my combat trousers from for £10 a pair. He is a lovely gentleman and is always happy to see us. We caught up on all of his and our news and whilst chatting I noticed he did Trilby's for £10, which makes the charity ship one well over priced at £40. Unfortunately he did not have one in my size or colour, but is going to get me one.
If you ever want a good cheap cuppa, then the indoor market is the place to go to. 80p for a mug of steaming hot tea or coffee. They also do fantastic food as well. The coffee is much better than Costa Coffee, which I think is over priced for what it is. I don't want Latte's or Cappa what's it's, I just want a coffee. After coffee and a sit down, we did a bit of shopping and then got some Christmas Menu's from the hotels in town. Keith and I eat out on Christmas Day as our treat, because we do not buy presents for each other and we work hard over the winter with the coal run. Having looked at what was on offer, we plummed for the
Angel Hotel for our Christmas Day lunch. The menu is comprehensive and the price is better than other places. It will be a real treat for us both to end what has been a difficult year one way or another.
We had lunch back on the boat, and then having decided on the Angel Hotel for our Christmas Dinner, we walked back down the town and booked our table for Xmas Day. Now this lunch is Seven Courses, so I am going to have to burn off some calories before I eat such a huge meal. Just thinking about not having to cook or wash up is wonderful and makes such a lovely change.

What are you doing this Christmas, or is it to early to think about it?

I would not normally even contemplate thinking about the letter C, but you have to book early to get in. I have noticed that some shops already have their Christmas cards out arghhhhhhh.

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