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Thursday 30 September 2010

A brillant weekend had by all.

Hi Folks.

I have had a wicked weekend at The Village at War, at Stoke Bruerne. There were some truly amazing things to see and experience.
On Saturday the weather was wonderful. The sun came out on an off all day, which bought lots of people out. They like us were not disappointed with the atmosphere and the things going on around us. On the main event field, they did re-enactments and had stalls which had vintage clothing, army clothing and all things to do with the 1940's. It was really incredible to see just how well some of the things had survived.
Keith and I both dressed up for the event. I wore both my dungarees and my 1940's dress, head scarf and apron. Some of the people who dressed for the occasion, had thought of every detail. This couple really impressed me, with their American Army uniforms. Not only did we get all things military, civilians were dressed to the nines as well and all of them adding to the atmosphere. PC Plod paid us a visit and very welcome he was too.
We had lots of visitors yesterday, including Pip and Roger off of nb. Windsong, who are moored at Blisworth Marina at the moment.
Today the weather was not wonderful, infect it was pouring with rain for most of the day. It was a day to do the indoor things, but as we are tough boaters, we ventured down on to the events field again, and pottered around the stalls, chatting to folk as we ventured into the tents. Afterwards we went into the Museum as entry was free to ticket holders and on the top floor they had a small quilt exhibition. Low and behold we saw this small quilt by Hilda Goddard. If you look at the middle row, on the left hand side you will see our water cans. Famous again it seems.
Back down on the events field they had a Spitfire and for £35 you could sit in the areoplane and have the engine running. I personally think £35 is a little steep, but I suppose you are sitting in a piece of history.
It has been the most fantastic weekend, we would not have missed it for the world, even with the dodgy weather.

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