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Thursday 30 September 2010

A wonderful day.

Hi Friends.

It has been a wonderful day, which began with a cup of tea in bed. Marmite came and said good morning to us both and then began complaining that we had slept in. I found out when I got up she was miffed because her food bowl was empty. We did not get up till after 9am, which is late for us, but we have nothing to do until the weekend so we can chillout. Once I did crawl out of bed, we rolled the bed up and shut the bed 'ole door, hiding everything away. I then took Paddy for his walk up through the woods. It was beautiful out, with a fine mist on the surface of the canal. The birds were singing their hearts out.
Once back onboard, the animals were fed and then I preceeded to make up the back cabin stove and put the Copper Kettle on ready for coffee.
After a relaxing breakfast of Mushrooms on Toast which Keith made, we set off down the towpath to find nb No Direction, to see if Jayne and Ray were around. Below the second lock, the water was flowing over the gates, making a pretty picture with the trees leaves taking on their Autumn colours. Jayne and Ray were not onboard, but we did meet up with them up near the museum, and got to have a chat. We will see them over the weekend no doubt. The organiser of this weekends event were beginning to set up tents and the Helter Skelter was being put together, which bought back memories of the old fashioned fun fairs. There are obviously still a few operating and we have one of them here for this weekend. I don't suppose I will be allowed to go on it, as it is probably only for children, but hey who knows. They are also putting up swings and other fun fair rides. I will take more photographs as they go up. Whilst chatting to friends outside of the Museum, Geraldine and Michael arrived on the Cheese Boat. Geraldine and Michael sell Welsh Cheeses, Pickles and Chutneys and they are all yummy. It was wonderful to see them both again. There is never any dull moment with them around. By the time we had finished nattering to everyone it was time for lunch, so we went to The Spice of Bruerne for something to eat. They do a lunchtime deal so when ever we are here we go and eat for £6.95 each. There food is excellent and we always enjoy wonderful service. With a full tummy, some work needed to be done to work it off, so back onboard the boat I started cleaning the brass on the outside of the boat. No sooner that was done, I smeared Vaseline over the brass to stop it tarnishing and then I wiped the boat over. She is now looking spick and span. Keith cleaned the brass on the engine. I then cleaned the engine room out, so anyone wanting to look at our rare vintage National engine, will not have to look at all the clutter as well. With all the boat jobs done and dusted, I set off with my wood bucket to collect sticks. These will be used on the back cabin stove at night to help keep the stove in. I enjoy hunting in the woods for wood. I know I am very strange ha ha ha. With the afternoon turning towards the evening, I have shut the boat up as it is beginning to become chilly.
We have had a wonderful day catching up with old friends and meeting up with the public who have come to visit the museum. I love chatting to folk and can honestly say I could probably chat for England sometimes.
I am now off to make dinner and then have a relaxing time in front of the TV. So have a good evening.

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